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We are a team of the most talented and professional individuals with a unique perspective and broad skillset dedicated to deliver effective marketing communication to you. Probably you heard about us, being curious about people behind that great campaign or the ones who boosted your competitor’s brand and yes, we are they! Eager to differentiate your business too.

Offering A to Z services, we are well trained, motivated, and extremely enthusiastic to give recognition to your brand and enrich your business’ sales. As a highly experienced team, we put all our efforts to help every company create a significant impact on the market. Now, the question is:
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Vodafone Network

After the introduction of the Vodafone Multidimensional Network we had to focus on the tangible attributes of the network by building a platform campaign showcasing several tangible benefits such as a reliable network offering the widest coverage in the country. Based on an emotional and contextual story of the new normal, between a grandpa and his niece we showcased how Vodafone’s network improves everyone lives. A local great production, a 360 campaign, fully explored in all channels, with expandable copies in digital communication this was one of the highest scoring campaigns of the year.

A 360 campaign

JUTH by Vodafone

The ambition was to create the #1 Youth Loved Brand in Albania.
WE CREATED MUCH MORE THAN A CAMPAIGN. We created a brand, an ecosystem of products, services and experiences to fulfill youth world.

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