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Who We Are

Established in 2005, Le Spot is the most experienced marketing & advertising agency in Albania. We cover 360 communication approaches, providing end-to-end services, such as: Creative and Strategic Communication, Event Management, Video Production and Post Production Services, Public Relations, Media Advertising, Digital Communication Services, Web Design & Development, and Market & Consumer Insights. Combining local insights with global know-how expertise, our team creates impactful concepts converted into successful marketing campaigns that bring massive value to your business.
Our philosophy underlies in building long - term, strategic partnership with our clients, contributing to achieve their business and brand goals, increasing market share and brand perception. Our aim is to develop strategies and campaigns that contribute to mutual business growth.

  • Demand

  • Behaviors

  • Thoughts

  • Feeling

  • Ideas

  • Paths

  • Actions

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  • Engage

  • Direct

  • Develop

We are your dream team

Our expert team has a deep client uderstanding, and a high flexibiltiy, which are key ingredients to our success, especially considering the dynamic environment we operate in. Empathy is what characterizes us; we put ourselves in our client’s shoes and that’s the driver to our success.

We understand our clients's concerns and contribute to solve them. We thoroughly analyze the industry, and start building the strategy and communication, relying on the advantages and emphasizing the benefits. We put all our efforts to enhance the reputation of every business that collaborates with us.

Each expert team, aligns and works together, brainstorming, helping each other, ensuring ideas and solutions, sharing values, and especially having fun. We love what we do, and this is the only way great work is done!