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  • CLIENT: Vodafone Albania
  • YEAR: September 2020
  • Services: 360° Campaign
  • Concept Creation
  • Creative Design
  • Video Production
  • Digital Branding & Execution
  • PR & Media Outreach

In Albania, Vodafone is considered to be the best network provider, connecting people all around the country no matter where they live. In September 2020 Vodafone introduced the multidimensional network - with key focus on the converged network as a differentiation point. We wanted to bring local relevance by following the story of a grandpa living alone that wants to make his niece’s birthday special by being close to her no matter the distance.

Making a TV commercial
in times of corona virus is not easy.

A local production supported by one of the most well-know directors, a story full of emotions. 16 shooting locations, a three days shooting schedule with a crew of 30 people organized in teams.

Expansion in
digital media:

There has been a really interesting and funny challenge during the COVID19 period that has started from Zoë Bell and continued from stuntmen and stuntwomen all around the world. We created a TVC based on the same feeling, but with a really fun mood.

Creative Agency – Spot Communications,
part of Le Spot Group
Production Agency – Le Spot Productions,
part of Le Spot Group

PR Agency – Publix, Part of Le Spot Group
"In terms of comparison with others Vodafone campaign “Multilayer Network” scores higher in likeability, has significant increase in engagement, is attention grabbing and fits perfectly with the brand. Vodafone’s Vividness KPI scores higher as well, creating strong memories as regards to the advertising. Credibility in advertising message shows a noticeable increase as well, making this remarkable campaign a success story."
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